Smart Vogue

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OGAWA Smart Vogue Urban Matrix Massage Chair

The OGAWA Smart Vogue signature program me with Triple S-Track features ultra-comfortable 160’ and 180’ reclining positions for a thorough full-body massage. Enjoy better massage coverage for your neck, back and all the way down to buttocks.
To relieve your body from daily stress and fatigue, this program me offers a stronger and faster-paced massage. Focusing more on the lower back, its dynamic combination of kneading, tapping, rolling and arm massage is sure to leave you feeling more energized and refreshed.
For a more gentler and more relaxing massage, calm your muscles and senses with this full-body program me.

If you suffer from stiff joints, this option will help you increase the elasticity of your ligaments and reinstating your joints to their optimal state. Focusing on the body and leg areas, it uses kneading, tapping and Shiatsu massage for maximum comfort.
Harmonies your energy and put your mind at ease starting with a slow 8-minute massage, which trails off with a 160’ position for a relaxing 20-minute nap. After 20 minutes, the chair resumes its normal position and quietly shuts down

Sleek, stylish and compact, the all new Ogawa Smart Vogue is designed to complement today’s urban lifestyle, renewing your sense of well-being from head to toe. With its revolutionised Triple S-Track and the humanised Intelligent Motorised Timer technology (IMT), your body will be put at the utmost relaxed state and enjoy a holistic human live massage focusing on the tailbone until hips. This is the beauty of Smart Vogue.



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