Ogawa iMODA

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  • OGAWA iMODA Modern Massage Sofa
    -Inspired by OGAWA’s modern healthy home living concept, the all new OGAWA iMODA is designed to relive more than just sore muscles; it restores the tired mind and reinvigorates the body and senses. The OGAWA iMODA is more than just a sofa, it is your well-deserved me-time, your tranquil garden in one cozy sofa space.
  • Authentic Massage Chair Rollers
    integrated with authentic massage chair rollers and coupled with a new innovative tapping motions that creates a lively, noticeable comfort massage.
  • L-Shaped Massage Track
    it follows your body curves closely – from back, waist to hips, making sure all the right spots are kit.
  • More Coverage
    with longer track, the massage rollers covers length up to 80cm – leaving you relaxed from upper back to hip.



  • Hip-Shaping Boost Massage
    Mainly uses Oscillating Tapping and Tui Na motions. Helps to shape and tone your hips, as well as relive fatigued muscles.
  • Active Boost Massage
    Helps to reduce muscle cramps and improve poor posture caused by being sedentary for prolonged periods of time.
  • Flexibility Boost Massage
    Gentle stretching to help relax tired muscles and improve your body’s flexibility.
  • Energy Boost Massage
    Helps to rejuvenate and improve your body’s vitality with a combination of rolling and kneading, Tui Na as well as Tapping


OG 5508
AC 220-240V
92.5cm x 62.5cm x 96cm
3 AAA Batteries
Equipped with Overheated and Power Surge Safety Protection
Seller: Ogawa
By: Ez Mall
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