OGAWA Foottee Therapy Plus

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OGAWA Foottee Therapy Plus
-OGAWA Foottee Therapy Plus is even more “Soulful” now with much more capable features that reaches all areas of your feet to restore and balance your soul and energy.

-4 Acupressure Method 4 Acupressure Method
Designed with four (4) different acupressure modules: Finger-press, Acupuncture Rollers, Cobblestone Reflexology and Stimulation Spikes – all perfectly integrated with foot reflexology massage programs to precisely target the reflex zones.

Foottee Therapy plus Foot Reflexology Trio Massage Method
-Designed with 3 intelligent massage programs RELAX, REFRESH and RECHARGE.
-Built-in Ionizer Built-in Ionizer
-Emits negative ions that have relaxing effect to keep you calm and cool.
-Foottee Therapy plus Foot Reflexology Heat Therapy
-Effectively accelerate blood circulation and aids in the removal of toxins.
-Foottee Therapy plus Foot Reflexology Air Bag
-Softly cocoons your feet and enhances the process of muscle relaxation with multiple massaging mechanism
-Foottee Therapy plus Foot Reflexology Compact, Lightweight & Clean
-Extremely lightweight and comes with removable and washable foot slot cover



OGAWA Foottee Therapy Plus





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