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OGAWA ez-Tone – High Performance Oscillator
-Introducing the all-new OGAWA ez-Tone, an advanced oscillator designed to use whole body vibration to help your body break and eliminate stubborn fats easily, shaping it into your desired figure as well as giving you various health boosts, without needing to leave the comfort of your home.

-EZ-ToneGreater Angle
Oscillates at wider angles to stimulate more muscle movements.

-EZ-ToneResistance Cord System
Designed with a resistance cord system for a more intense workout. The handles feature small massaging balls that give your hands pleasant sensation as you grip them.
-EZ-ToneVaster Workout Area
Almost 25% more workout area than other conventional oscillators, offering more coverage and stability.

-EZ-ToneHigher Speeds
Features 10 levels of oscillation for higher-efficiency calorie burning.




OGAWA ez-Tone – High Performance Oscillator
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