About Us

Ezmall is an online shopping hub offering great buys and amazing deals. We are a one-stop online destination for everything fashionable in the Philippines, giving you insights on new trends and style.  We feature a wide selection of products from well-known brands to hard-to-find gems.

Online shopping is one of the best way for easy bazaar that is fast growing industry all over the world.  That is why we came up to a business where in we are not just growing alone but our goal is to grow our business with you.  We are continuously growing and recognized nationwide making your trade easy and your sales lofty.

We treat our merchant as our family and our aim is to share the culture and achievement that we can get from the business.

Don’t just talk about success to accomplish, make a success with Ezmall Inc.

We are an SEC-registered corporation that commenced its operations in mid-2016.  Our target market are the young professionals and the young at heart, which we believe is your target market too.


Partnering with major online paying processors (Dragonpay and Paypal), the company is equipped with its own IT infrastructure, management team, sales force and marketing officers to help you maximize your business.

Despite no significant marketing, we have garnered numerous followers and views on social media.

We use SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) in our website to boost traffic

(i.e. more exposure for your products)


Ezmall Inc. is setting the direction into T.V. Advertisements, Print Ads, Radio, SMS, Email Blast and most especially a Home T.V. Shopping.

We guarantee the best online shopping service that you will experience

Providing the easy way and effortless shopping online.  We are partner with most reliable merchant in the Philippines. Experience the amicable ground with delight product and service that you can get.
We give value with our trusty suppliers online and make sure that the products that they supply are passed with the company standard procedures and quality check.  We also assure that our merchant is secured with our business.